It’s moments like this that I really wish for a pause button…


..or for someone who will ask if I’m still okay. Someone sincere.




I hate waiting.

Sometime around college, I decided I couldn’t be a medrep because I hate waiting. I have tagged along with my cousin multiple times before while doing her visits and I can’t bare it. The long hours of waiting just for a minute or two of explaining to a doctor (who mostly doesn’t listen.)

Fast forward to now…

I have been waiting everytime for a man who just couldn’t fully commit on being on time.

I waited mostly in parking lots. FOR HOURS. 

Worst so far is waiting for 8 hours straight in a mall parking lot (6:00pm-1:00am) to have a quick (supposed to be) dinner.

NOTE: Currently waiting at a closed coffee shop parking lot. 3hrs and still counting. AND YES, STILL WAITING.

Too Late (or maybe because it was too early?) – Part 1

October 2005 to June 2012.

Almost seven years. Sayang.

“Syinota mo ang bestfriend mo!”

“I made the biggest mistake of falling in love with my bestfriend”

Few lines from romcom movies I can relate to. I even thought of using some of these lines way back pero buti nalang hindi ko ginawa kasi baka hanggang ngayon tinatawanan ko pa rin sarili ko.

We were in high school, 2nd year to be exact, when I transferred to his school. Wala sa plano. Summer vacation lang yun dapat, nagbakasyon lang ako tapos naaya ng mga pinsan ko lumipat sa school nila. If I can remember right, it was already 9PM. Sabi ko, why not then I texted my Dad saying I will transfer school the coming school year and he just replied, ok. So yun… Welcome to Colegio De San Bartolome de Novaliches! Haha

Anyway, I was new and had no friends (except for my cousins who were 2 years ahead of me) until he came. Sinali niya ko sa grupo niya. All boys yung barkada niya pero nasali ako. 6 kami lahat. Ok lang, masaya, medyo boyish din ako noon and wala masyadong drama pag ganun, puro kalokohan. Galit na galit nga lagi yung teacher namin na madre (Hi Sis Gen!) sa amin pero madalas sa akin. “Hay naku, Ms. Jacinto. Kaya sobrang gulo ng mga ito dahil tuwang tuwa ka naman sa pinaggagawa nila!”

Lagi akong kasama pag may dayo silang laro ng basketball. Ako cheerleader, taga bantay ng gamit, taga-bili ng ice tubig at kung ano ano pa. Madalas din kami mag food trip noon. Susunduin nila ako sa bahay namin pero hindi sila kakatok ng maayos, papalatak (clacking of the tongue) sila tapos alam ko sila na yun, lalabas na ko ng gate. Alam kong sila na ‘yun tapos dadayo kami kung saan saan – Alfred, Rolling, SPS7, Janet’s o kahit saan.

Almost 3 years, tambay sa bahay niya, usap sa telepono (3-way sa ibang tropa) at ilang beses napunitan ng test paper tuwing exam at napalabas ng classroom dahil nahuli silang kumokopya sakin haha. Pag may nang aasar sakin kasi sungki pa ngipin ko noon, inaaway nila, sobrang gago nila kaya labs na labs ko yung mga unggoy na yun…but you were special, you were my best friend. Mas solid tayong dalawa. Madalas tatambay ako sa bahay niyo tapos hindi nila alam kasi ayaw mo silang palaruin sa playstation mo, ako lang gusto mo. Kasi lagi mo kong tinatalo pero pag naka-tsamba ako, ang pikon mo HAHA!

Then came our last year in high school. Hindi na tayo pinag sama sa isang section kasi magulo daw tayo. Pinaghiwalay yung mag babarkada. Walang nagbago noon nung bago bago palang.

August 2005… 4th year tayo, may nanligaw sakin, lower batch. Hindi ko nabanggit sainyo. Nahuli niyo lang kami na hinahatid niya ko hanggang labas ng village. Hindi mo na ko pinansin after that. Pag tumatawag ako sa inyo, laging sinasabi ng kapatid mo, “Naku Ate Me-Ann, tulog si dikong” o kaya “Kakalabas lang ni dikong.” Fine. Hindi na ko nag reach out.

October nung kinausap mo ako ulit. Gabi yun tapos tumawag ka sa akin. Nag rereview ako pero tinigil ko. Umamin ka na gusto mo ko kaya lumayo ka nung nalaman mong may nanliligaw sa akin. Umamin din ako. Natapos ang gabi na okay na ulit tayo. Okay na tayo. Tayo na-October 14, 2005.

Work-Life Balance

Saan ba nakakabili ng work-life balance na ‘yan? Pabili ng lima. Sana ganun lang.

But does it really exist? I’ve been told that it doesn’t mean you have equally divided your time for work and leisure but being able to achieve and enjoy in the things you do whether it be work or leisure. And its not also about the pace. There is no one-size fits all. The best work-life balance is different for all of us. I believe we should find what will work for us because it is not only to keep us sane but it also affects our personal choices and decisions. Kaya siguro I have poor personal decisions. Joke!

Balancing seems to be an impossible dream but as what I always tell myself, I will work most of my life so better make this work! (Work work pa rin?!)

26 years old ka pa lang. 7 years ka pa lang nagtatrabaho. Kalma. What right do you have to feel bad about so many things this early? Ok. Sorry.


Sayang ang saya, tawa at lambingan na binibigay mo sa akin buong araw dahil sa dulo ng gabi lagi kong hinihintay ang sakit na kapalit ng lahat ng iyon.

Dahil sa ganitong paraan mo ko sinanay.

Ganito mo ko minahal.

Tinanggap ko.


Sayang ka.

Sayang ako.

Sayang tayo dahil sa dulo….walang tayo.

Kingfisher, Pagudpud

My home for 4 days…

Stayed in Kingfisher, Pagudpud – Super LOVE the resort!!! and seriously having second thoughts in getting into details with my experience here because as much as I want to keep the place a secret (for some) that would be selfish so here it goes… (Just a tip: If you want to stay in this paradise, book early via email because they are not accepting walk-in guests.)

Loved the resort and how it is not crowded. Also, loved how there is no cellphone signal in most area (but still struggled for a day finding reception because of work haha!) Most of the guests in the resort are from different countries and they are fun to be with. All guests are very warm and would greet us every time. Kingfisher staff are all so accommodating and very approachable; from the owner (Thanks, Mon!) to the waiters and waitresses and cleaners.

What made my stay in this paradise special are their dogs (Yes! They allow pets too.) Every morning, I would walk out near the beach and they would accompany me. My favorite is Toby, the resort’s golden retriever and T-Rex, the resort’s jack russel terrier. I also love Maui (GR) and Milo (JRT.) They are the resort’s lifeguards, PR/Marketing officers and are great swimmers too!

Food! Everything is delicious. A bit pricey but the servings are huge so you actually get what you paid for.

The whole stay was perfect! A part of my heart was left in that place and will surely go back soon. Amazing Experience indeed.

Pagudpud is just a 30-minute drive away from Bangui.

Bangui houses the popular “Bangui Windmills.” It truly is a great sight and being able to experience the strong wind in their windfarm is amazing. I love it and most probably one of my top most favorite places here in NLuzon.